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Whenever you see a truck with a large motorized satellite dish mounted on its roof, then you can know it and name it an SNG Truck (Satellite News Gathering Truck), or OB Van (Outside Broadcast Van), and its purpose is to transmit remote video to the studio of its TV Channel, in simple words “It is a mobile studio”.

Well, that is the definition that any specialist could give to any person asking about that kind of car, yet that specialist knows so well that the quality SNG Truck or OB Van is not identified by that definition or just the antenna on its roof.

Since these cars are providing a service that accommodates the needs of Broadcaster TV in the form of audiovisual shows to meet the needs of delayed broadcasts and live broadcasts, then it should be using state-of-the-art equipment to produce and transmit news as it happens, where it happens.

From cameras, video control/mixers, audio mixers, and everything else needed to produce a television production to satellite encoders, transmission devices, and many other components that are compacted in one car which is fully enclosed, with spacious, climate-controlled interiors, along with a diesel generator that provides power for all equipment and the HVAC system.

We keep all these aspects in our mind when designing and implementing an SNG Truck project, so our customers can use it with ease and comfort.

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