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Satellite Uplink System

Taking your channel signal to outer space is what makes it a national or international one, and by that, you can reach the amount and type of audience that you want, which can be achieved by using the appropriate components in your satellite uplink system besides the satellite downlink system.

All the factors responsible for transmitting signals from an earth station to a satellite and vice versa by receiving it to ground stations or receivers – are substantial to keep your channel available 24/7/365 to its audience, whether this is for a radio station or a TV station.

We care to provide our customers with all these components for their uplink or downlink system, including transmitters, receivers, filters, modulators, power amplifiers, antennas, … etc.

TV & Radio Transmitters

Satellite Antenna

Encoders, Decoders, & Modulators

HPAs, BUCs, & Satellite Modems