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Broadcast Control Room Systems

A TV channel that looks so easy-to-look and straightforward has its very complex workflow behind the scenes, where a considerable amount of human and equipment resources are invested to make that picture available to any audience all over the world.

One of the most important parts of the TV Channels is the Master Control Room (AKA “MCR”), where much of the work that is ready-to-be-on-air is done.

Thus, we care to build a complete and synchronized MCR for our customers, that contains many pieces of equipment like Video Monitors, Satellite Receivers, Videotape Machines, Video Servers, Transmission Equipment, Signal Switching & Extension (KVM Matrix, KVM Extension, Video Switching, Video Extension), Operator Workspace & Control (Multi-PC Extended Desktop, Multiviewers, Multi-System & Room Control), Visualization & Collaboration (Video Wall Processing, Real-Time Data Display, Wireless Collaboration), Remote Sharing & Control (Real-Time KVM over WAN, Video Encoding), … and more.

Video Monitors

Video Servers

Operator Workspace & Control

Video Receivers

Transmission Equipment

Visualization & Collaboration

Videotape Machines

Signal Switching & Extension

Remote Sharing & Control