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Audio Control Systems

When it comes to professional audio, it is so important to care about the output that our customers want to give to their audience, Audio is a very sensitive aspect in actually everywhere, as it combines two important sciences, physics and psychology.

No matter how experienced the audio editor is, audio editing and direction is not just about the techniques that are used, but about how the editor cares about the psychological aspect of the audio project that he/she is working on, caring for the feeling that should be delivered to the audience -or is expected from them-, for example working on a project for NEWS Intro is not as similar as for a cartoon movie or drama series which are not the same as live concert or conference.

Therefore, we care to deliver magnificent audio control and management equipment such as Mixers, Consoles, Preamps, Distribution, Line Amps, Recording Interfaces, Digital Workstations, Signal Processing & Routing, Switchers, Routers, Combiners, Source Selectors, … etc.

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