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Advanced Real-Time Graphic, with News & MAM System

Customer: Al-Awla (1TV)

Supplying, Installing, Integration, Training, & SLA

like a breeze.

While they are working to complete all the aspects of their new upcoming TV Channel, Al-Awla TV Team adopted our suggested solution of CG, News, and MAM System, which was effective in technical, operating, and financial aspects.

For the CG System, Mawja supplied Brainstorm’s Aston which is a real-time 2D motion graphics creation -that can be upgradable to 3D and is ready to be integrated with virtual system-.

CG and playout automation solutions are built to be extremely user friendly so the operators can concentrate on creation rather than pure operation. It is resolution independent and works with any HDTV flavour, 4K or even higher resolutions for larger screens. In addition, Aston is MOS compatible.

Due to the need to use a system that is designed for multimedia asset management 24/7 operation workflow, Al-Awla TV used Marsis for News Room Control System, Playout, Ingest and Media Asset Management, that for 10 Users, and 100 Terabyte Storage these systems are managed by Marsis Automation.

And to ensure that the system will work without any glitches, a full router system from Nevion had been supplied as it features HD Quality, a built-in Multicon controller with WEB interface, SNMP support, and also featuring options for redundant controller, redundant cross point and audio/video processing modules.